About Sam Bracken

Sam Bracken shares his story of growing up in Las Vegas with mobsters and motorcycle gang members as his role models. Abused by his wannabe mobster stepfather Leroy and a sadistic older stepbrother, Sam started drinking and doing drugs by age 9. As a 13-year-old his love of sports led him to quit drugs and drinking. He languished in special education classes until an eighth grade teacher discovered he just needed glasses.

Sam Bracken - Orange BagHis mom suffered a mental breakdown and abandoned Sam, then 15. Despite being essentially homeless throughout high school, Sam graduated with a 3.9 GPA as #11 out of a class of 720 and won a full ride football scholarship to the Georgia Institute of Technology. When Sam left Las Vegas, everything he owned in the world fit into an orange duffel bag.

After a standout year as a freshman Georgia Tech football player, Sam suffered seemingly career-ending shoulder injuries.

Once again, Sam beat the odds, eventually re-earning his starting position on the team and graduating with honors. Today the abused, homeless teen has grown into a man who lives the American dream with his wife Kim, three boys and a daughter. As an executive with Franklin Covey, Sam travels all over the world speaking on change, leadership and excellence.